Welcome to the THOMAS DAVIS Web site!

Ok, so I'm only 6416 days old, but it's important that in today's world a baby should have a web presence - so here it is...

Although I can't actually walk or speak yet, I've mastered the subtleties of web development. If you're a fellow baby and would like your own web site then send me an email: iwannasite@simplypro.co.uk.

Alternatively, if you would just like to have your picture in my photo album then email me a photo with a short description and I'll add it. If you don't have a photo in electronic form then drop a photograph round to our house and I'll scan it in...oh yes, we have all the technology round here!

So what has been happening? Just moved into my own room, it's jazzy orange !! Decided that although I am extremely proficient at 'doing milk', it is time to move onto something called 'solids'. Hence the reason for the new highchair. I must be very special as my chair is the poshest in the house.

Love from Tom
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